Monday, March 30, 2009

Sick Headphones

So Shea has these wicked!!! headphones that I had to use for the photoshoot. When you listen to music with these things it's like a huge speaker system right at your ears. Great when you're playing Benny Benassi, which I was listening to at the time when we were taking photos. She also took the pictures, always turn out Ahhmazing! Yes and I finally got a pair of python heels! And I got an outfit for the concert tomorrow and made four new necklaces which I'll have to make a post out of. I couldn't sleep again! So now I just go crazy making things. Eh If we lived together we definetly would get little sleep. lol KK One more month of school and we'll see! I recommend going to Target!! Oh my goodness Sof I went crazy! They have the Mqueen collection and new dresses, shoes, all too many choices. I want to go back and get three more things for sure. But that's where I got the dress for tomorrow's concert!
Self made Dream Catcher Earring, Hollister Pants and Scarf, Kohls Belt, Fossil Watch, Target Multi Colored Beaded Bracelet, Target Python Heels, Studded Wooden Bangles, and Mom's Stone and Wooden Beaded Bracelets, Shea's Sony Headphones

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Neon Lights

Hey Dan Dan

Its been a crazy week but you already know that. I'm starting a fashion club at smith. It's called Fashion Politics. It's half discussion and half diy projects. The discussions of the fashion industry are about the controversies involving consumerism and materialism but also self expression and cultural movements. There are definately negatives and positives about the industry, and we should understand them. Anyway, my roomie, Emily Hardy, was truly inspired during this photo escapade. Her photos were creatively charged with a blend of perpective, movement, and lighting. Thank you so much Em for taking photos for me, you're the best. Hope you're having a fantastically amazing weekend!

(Vintage black/white rose print dress, self made lace skirt, studded belt, Roomie's necklace along with other vintage necklaces, my mum's bracelet, Joey Shoes)


Pull yourself together

Dries Van Noten $390
Tan Leather and Black and White Fabric with Silver Buckle
Ralph Lauren Clutch The Ricky Mindaudier $2,995
The clutch is custom made rhodium lated brass and champagne hued lizard
So cute! It reminds me of a camera in a bag a tad but the color is unique and is unnatural looking.

Ralph Lauren Dylan Bag $1,995
French calfskin made in Italy
The curvature of the overlap adds a feminine touch while the brass and calfskin are perfectly balanced. And yet again the camera looking application adds an edgey tone.

Ralph Lauren $225

Crystal and Gold Tassel Bracelet 18k Gold and Clear Crystal. It closes magnetically.

Ralph Lauren $115
Serana Equestrian Boots
Can't you picture these boots on a classic actress I don't know like Katharine Hepburn. yea.

Giuseppe Zanotti $625
Python Printed Peep-Toe in Turquoise
Since I love the color blue to death I though these were so cool. Not to mention the whole python thing going on. And lately I have been dying for snake stuff, weird, but it's driving me crazy.

Ralph Lauren $89
Menswear Inspired Calra Metallic Leather Loafer. These reminded of the good old Academy days. Since I altered our old ones I think I'm going to spray paint mine and change em again.

Chloe Ankle Tie Wedge Sandals $495
Chloe's shoes never let anyone down. They are so perfect! These wedge sandals were one of my favorite of the collection, even though there were too many to choose from.

I finally finished my skirt today and altered my jeans. It's hot as Hades here! We're all dying but it's funny at the same time. I can't wait to go back home and do fashion projects with you! And ask if outfits look great or not lol the good stuff!!! Love.
~xoxo Dan

Monday, March 23, 2009


So I still can't believe that the Ting Tings are coming here. Definetly going to see them and try to get a photo or signing! I'll try to get two one for you as well!! Since I had Aaron De Mey on my mind this morning I went for the goth glam alittle. I wore the black lipstick and had subtle foundation and blush. Caiti hated it. lol But I got lots of compliments from others. haha Anywayz got to go make a shirt now! L<3ve.
Urban Outfitters purse, Handmade glove, I.N. San Francisco black sweater, altered jeans, Xhilartion top adn scarf/belt, and Mossimo heels, Jewel ring made by uknown lady in Tampa.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Evanescence Videos

~Sof This one doesn't have an official video but I love the song

Here are some of their videos that I can't live without more importantly thier music is thrilling. I definetly know you have seen quite a few but some songs and videos people haven't really heard. So just thought I'd put up some fav music of mine.

Evanescence was found by Amy Lee and Ben Moody. They met at a youth camp lol. They both write and edit the songs. Everyone knows that Amy is a pianist and the lead singer. Moody is actually the lead gutarist but later left the band to do his own solo act helping other musicians. The name was chosen by the band because Evanescence means disappearance or fading away. Lee liked the name so much because "It is mysterious and dark, and places a picture in the listeners' mind."

More music and info coming eventually.


Videos found on Youtube


Aaron De Mey


Aaron De Mey's God given talent is his creativity, particularly with makeup. Many of his designs remind me of makeup that could have been in the movie Interview with a vampire, but not as lurid as the movie it is rather more glamourously dark. He has a new line Pink Irreverence featured in Lancome makeup. He is passionate about helping women feel confident and strong. He researches heroic women throughout time and they become his inspiration for many of his ideas. I have to get his lip gloss. It is Fantastic!!!!


Saturday, March 21, 2009


Thanks for coming to visit even though it turned out a little hectic. I found another vintage store hidden near a lake so now I am going to have to check that one out. Kay love. Good luck with all the ideas and classes. xo

Monday, March 16, 2009

Pink Fierce

~ Sof
Hannah my suite mate thought of the title and I loved it! Shea my other suite mate took the pictures which turned out so great. I love taking pictures with her because she has cool ideas and take good photos. I started making my skirt piece for my fashion class and met another student in my class who is holding a fashion show in October and asked me to be the stylist and be a model and do the makeup!!!! Ahhh! I know I am so happy! It was fantastic. I have been looking around and thinking of where we can take pictures and have the perfect places in mind.
Urban Outfitters Tiger Shirt by The Beautiful Ones, Volil Lace Black Shirt, Doc Martin Boots, Waterproof Shorts, Black Leggings and Scarf unknown.

Dani's alteration of photoshoot

I had so much fun doing this photo shoot. Going back and forth changing and then taking pictures, one after another. I can't wait for our next one. haha Hope everyone likes the pictures as much as we do!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Old Ruins

Dear Dan!!!

I'm so glad you're back safetly!! I'm coming up there soon anyway!! So I was at my old house rummaging through my mum's things and I found some interesting stuff...this wig was amoung those things...and it was soo much fun wearing around the house.
love you!!
ps. Should we upload the pics from the our shoot 'cuz i the video i made is not the best quality. Let me know =$
(Spray-painted target shoes, mum's shorts, random athletic sweater, elvis watch, butterfly people bracelet, icing hat)