Monday, May 18, 2009


Slouch Sleeve Jacket with diamond Pleat Pencil skirt
I L<3ve>
Slash Pocket Dress
This was another one of my favorites. The gathering around the pocket is freaken incredible! This design is so catchy and playful which can really go with so many different accessories.

This whole outfit rocks. The purple shorts just pop and the sweater gives me a British vibe which of course I think is awesome.

Motorcycle Vest with Tent Dress
I can't even begin to describe how much I like this dress. God I could totally picture so many edgy outfits this dress can do with just key accessories. I'd wear it all the time! I seriously am crazy for this one most of all! the openness in the front is just the right amount. It's a killer black dress! <3>

I stumbled across Maxine Dillon’s Myspace page and adored all the designs from the ready to wear fall collection to the spring collection. Currently in Los Angeles, Maxine Dillon’s new spring collection, I would say, has an edgy appearance yet, is classy and sophisticated for city life. The clothes are perfect for Florida weather and its’ funky style. You can catch an article about Maxine Dillon and her inspiration for her collection in my favorite magazine Nylon.

I definitely encourage all you funky fashionable people to look at the pieces on the websites and keep an eye out for Maxine Dillon because the clothes are absolutely fabulous!!!


Monday, May 4, 2009

La T da

New posts on Lookbook!! Call me soon so we can talk after your exams though. It's been non stop over here! Today I met the Cutest most fashionable little girl! She can sing too. Adorable!
And her brother had such a funky style too. His hair was Awesome, fohawk. I def have to catch up on sleep. And mom got the coolest antique jewelry. <3
Top Photo, Antique Pin and Earrings, Vintage Scarf and Gloves, Jessica Simpson Heels, Wet Seal Mini Skirt
Bottom Photo, Altered Feathered Heels, Target Dress and Anklet, Handmade Black Duck Tape Headband, Silver Arm Band, Target Altered Jacket
<3 Dan

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Last Day of School for now


I'm so excited and happy now! Hard work is paying off! Miss you so much. Unpacking everything is awful haha I found some new French music I really liked because I was talking with a girl who lives in Paris and we shared music! It was so much fun! ;p You can't really see my makeup design but I had a funky silver design on my face. It was sweet!
Forever 21 Shirt, American Eagle Leggings, Python Heels Target, Headband, Silver Necklace, Rings,

Friday, May 1, 2009

Pink Plastic

Hey Dan!
I am soooo excited about the LOOKBOOK news!!! I haven't posted in a while, as you know, but here's some crazy pics that my lovely roommate, Emily, took for me. Keep up the good work!
(Target rainjacket, AA lavender dress, unknown tights, joey shoes, random wig, and fabric cord for hair accessory)