Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Where the Wild things are

Heres some pictures of the Zoey and I. We based some of them off of the book where the wild things are. She also made the coolest bracelet out of safety pins and beads. She def has such a great style and her whole family is artsy and creative. Showing her how to alter and what its like when we are taking pics for the blog or lookbook. It was fun. She has some good ideas for the pics too.
Me: Altered London rock shirt, white jeans
Zoey: Skull and graphic sweatshirt, jean shorts, white leggings, and diy bracelet

<3 Dan

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Harajuku:Japanese Punk and Katy Perry

I was browsing through some Katy Perry pictures checking out her style and this was one of the outfits that I liked most. The shirt or gown(?) is grand! But I love how the picture and herself looks very classic and the cupcake purse and gown are modern and chic.

I would love to go over to Japan and just see the street style has to be/IS freaken cool. I can see us having so much fun there wearing WHATEVER.... I mean we do that now but thats on a totally different realm.. def wanting to get more into this style!!!

AND Im sure you know what i love about this picture. THE HAIR. Hello. Shes very pretty too. and the outfit is badass like ill beat you up if you mess with me yet very fashionable.

I particularly like the two people on the right. The furthest to the right has awesome hair. Its very dark pixie and their dress are crazy. ughhhhhhh

I want this! THis IS LOvely! Just perfect... I think Ive found a style Im absolutely in love with head to toe head over heels lol

I thought you might like this. We should totally go to Joanns and Michaels and make our own funky ones soon.
Yes and btw I got funky eye color contacts! That rock with my red hair. Cant wait to get them. Anyhow taking photos on Mon with Zoey for the blog. Finally going to take pictures.. God ive missed that See you sooon. <3

<3 Dan