Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rodarte & Pics from fashion week

SO for classes weve had to keep watch of fashion week. Alexandre Herchcovitch, I thought, had a great collection and some what reminded me of a few characterisitcs of my clown collection but... I this collection is so rad. Lots of colors and interesting combinations of shapes and really appropriate fabric choice which I think totally works for the pieces.
Hah..so my fashion professors are sick of 80s inspired collections. Betsey Johnson was one of a small number who served a fairly good 80s collection. I do like the outfits but I just think they're repititive and have been seen before. I do, however like it alot and would wear most of the dresses.

I first read about Rodarte in Nylon and wanted to look more into it. The collection IS COMPLETELY insane in the best way possible. ughhh.. There weren't really any pictures but here's a link to a video style.com offers which is def a must see...! I would kill to meet Kate and Mulleavy, who are the designers fo Rodarte. They are inspired by cinema films and are dark and are made of complete fantasticness. http://www.style.com/fashionshows/designerdirectory/RODARTE/video/

Off to study for textiles test and do more sketches 8n/

XoXo Dan

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Christophe Decarnin's rocker chic collection showed at the Ritz, same place where Versace showed off his couture collections. I love the rounded "tennis ball" effect on the jackets and the jeans are just spectacular. The colors of course are so hott and then the bonus of added Swarovski crystals shot it to a new level. But, critics say that he'll need to bump up his game for next seasons.... personally I LOVE the entire collection and wouldn't mind having each of those fabulous garments in my closet!!! Pretty much anyone would look sexy and fierce in these outfits!

<3 Dan

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Here's some of my fav pieces from Topshop..! Velvet jacket(sigh)!! These pieces range from $135 to 410

As for my obssession with jackets continues Topshop always delivers! This one is $135

Ahem hello!!! Topshop pont ankle boot by Boutique $270 ughhhhhh

Finally I'm seeing more thigh boots! Topshop has a number of knee highs and thigh highs but this one is my fav. $330 by Boutique

Peter Jensen ankle boot $270

I've seen alot of shoes coming out with the curve like this in the front and platform and Thankgod because it is so goodlooking. There's a red one I believe that Topshop also offers. If you want this it's $230 Paradox Sandal by Boutique

This reminds of Rachel Zoe. :D I know you dig this!!! I would wear it. Curly sheepskin gilet it's $310!!! my oh my

Who wouldn't wear this dress!!!??!! Really...Stripe mesh top jersey dress $80

Okay so I watched an 80s movie with Julia Roberts and Liam Neeson called Satisfaction about a group of girls in a band. The lead singer has the coolest style, Jeenie, this shirt reminds me of something she would wear besides that I totally love it too. I actually think I've seen a girl on Lookbook who has this shirt too!

I just really like this shade of pink and its crocheted! Crochet cotton dress $80

Researching for internships and doing billions of homework and apparel design work hasn't really given me the time to make a posting but I am finally caught up since I started a week late into my classes. I'm crossing my fingers for my overseas internship though. I sent it to Topshop in London. So we'll see........!!!!

Currently working on sketches for my two assignments for my portfolio class. One collectioin inspired by two eras, I did 80s and 1700s, the other collection is our first collection that we will have to choose a favorite design to put into our portfolio for jobs and such so my inspiration for that one is clowns. ;) I know it's silly but I thought it would be fun and diffferent.
Back to the posting now...So I hope you liked it these were just some of the pieces I am crazed for...

P.s miss you
To check out Topshop click here...Enjoy yourself loving everything they offer.. xoxo http://www.topshop.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/TopCategoriesDisplay?storeId=13052&catalogId=32051

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rocky Horror picture show

Caiti and I have been watching it so many times and had to do a posting on it. Today I found out they have showings here at the movie theatre and dress up totally doing that. I already have a group of friends that are dressng up and Caiti even said she would too, suprise. Cant wait. It was such a big movie when it first came out that every friday for like five years they used to play and people used to dress up and my mother said she did. Hopefully youll be here for when it goes on.

Tim Curry MAKES that movie. The things he does are outrageous. His legs are better than mine! And the designer in that movie kicks ass!! Majorly She was sooo ahead of her time. Tim Curry's is the best outfit besides a few others but theyre all made out great.
Alrighty girl Im taking a few pictures for Lookbook and the blog soon its been too long...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Harajuku obession continues

The shirt on the left is somewhat gothic and emo but I like it and would totally wear it. The one on the right has a hole for your thumb which I thought was a cool minor detail besides the shoulder straps. They really aren't have to haves but I do like them alot. The skirt on the right is def a have to have its so cute. One of my favorites. I love the balck and grey mixture and the different fabric choices.

YEA forget my never ending search for funky boots. FOUND them. I LOVE LOVE the pink and black ones!!!!!! Majorly!!! In adoration lol. They are so cool! I'd probably never take them off! Unless I switched to the other pair. SOF!!!! lol

In the store collection the skirt above is my other favorite. Its just fully what Ive been talking about wanting! It has the tutu effect and is black with lace but the other skirt is just as much as cool.

This was my favorite dress of the bunch. The sleeves can come off. I did like this one the best there was another floral print one that was incredible but it was too costume like however it was Goregous.

Oddly enough the jacket caught my attention and I had to look at it and really look at the details and started really liking it. I love how the sleeves can come off and show off the gathered ruffles on the shoulder.

I couldn't get harajuku off of my mind and couldn't sleep last night so I was busy searching the internet and went onto ebay and found all of these items on this one website. Wishlist, heck yes. I am def getting some of these, especially those shoes and skirt. Heres the site if you want to check out more http://stores.shop.ebay.com/Little-Chili-Lolita-Shop__W0QQ_armrsZ1
The only recommendation about it is watch the sizes labeled.
<3 Dan

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Where the Wild things are

Heres some pictures of the Zoey and I. We based some of them off of the book where the wild things are. She also made the coolest bracelet out of safety pins and beads. She def has such a great style and her whole family is artsy and creative. Showing her how to alter and what its like when we are taking pics for the blog or lookbook. It was fun. She has some good ideas for the pics too.
Me: Altered London rock shirt, white jeans
Zoey: Skull and graphic sweatshirt, jean shorts, white leggings, and diy bracelet

<3 Dan