Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Aller à gauche

It's been crazy to the max lately! haven't been doing much but working on school and and getting ready for the summer classes. Good luck with exams can't wait to see you soonnnn!
Dress Old Navy, Heels Forever 21, Bear's Work out Hand Glove, Handmade Key Ring, Knee High Leggings, Belt

Monday, April 13, 2009



Vivienne Westwood is a miraculous, inventive, inspirational, designer. Obviously, I love her designs since I always talk about her but I am doing a music report creating cds for photo shoots and runway shows. I added Bow wow wow to the list, featured in Marie Antoinette. She partnered up with Malcolm McLaren who created the band to promote their business. She has three shops in London, Manchester, and one in Liverpool, Glasgow, New Castle, Leeds, and Nottingham and York. The Sex Pistols wore some of Vivienne Westwood's designs which really made her more famous and classified within the Punk style. Oh and omgsh I found the last picture and freaked out when I saw the guy wearing a sporran! Oh man it was cool. Good ole Scotish man. lol


~Dear Sof

Here are some fabulous sporrans that I was talking about. They can be made any way really but I like the more traditional ones personally. They range from $100 or more depending on the designs, material, quality of accessories. When I make mine I have got to put some tassels on their becuase it adds more of a sparkle to the piece. Usually the silver clippings are what makes sporrans so expensive so if budget is the dilemma, then it can be made in numerous ways.
xox Dan

Friday, April 10, 2009

Things that caugh my eye


I really like the appearance of these two pieces from American Apparel but I'll just make them myself. The purple serve shorts are top drawer!! Eye catching and high waisted!

ohh la la, this green outfit hit the runway for Elise Overland's Fall 2009 collection, worn by Anna Schilling. I think the outfits that Green Envy wears from Batman are so striking! This reminded me of something she'd wear. I want it!!!! lol

I just adored the skirt on Balenciaga fall 2009. It was replicated a few times with different colored fabric.

I know these are old but ahh I wish the really had wearable shoes like this! Helen Red Richard shoes. Famous in Japan, I believe but I can't find to much information on them excpet I think the collection is in a museum at the time.

xo Dan

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I don't wanna


So so so weather has been wish washy here. Never know when it'll rain or be cold or be hot! For my fashion class I'm working on a shirt that has a vintage floral pattern as the two center fronts with a solid peach color as the back piece. It's like the Urban Outfitters vest that I have. I actually don't think I am going to get a job this summer because my teacher and advisor said it would take a toll on the four classes I have to pass that I need to stay in my major. My teacher took these over a span of time and said it was difficult then. Basically, summer equals fashion class and projects, and altering, making and designing my own things with you and hanging out having fun! So it'll be a very artistic summer that, I think, will further immerse me in the realm of fashion. Hookayy, I hope you have a wonderful weekend and have some Easter fun!!
Btw I got the bookbag that you see in the photos at a Celtic festival. I first saw it at a Scottish festival but didn't get it because it was too expensive but they lowered the price and omg I love it! It has a Celtic cross on it with the prettiest colors! They have the coolest stuff at these festivals!! My next big project is making one of the bags Scottish men wear, I believe they're called Sporrans. I absolutely am craving for one! So they are mostly exspensive because they're hand made of leather and fur with some sort of unique design or silver adding for a finish. I'll upload a few picutres on here.
Celtic Cross Bookbag, Handmade Key Ring, Stone Ring, Bear's Mom gave me this wicked silver arm band, Mudd Jean Shorts, Hollister Smokey Leggings, Purple Leggings, Dr Martin Boots, Caiti's Shirt, Floral Headband
xo Dan

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Japanese Electro Pop

So I forgot to tell you that I was in a performance this weekend. I performed an Japanese Electro Pop Dance called Love the World by Perfume at a Smith Event called Rhythm Nations. I wore the Neon skirt my mumi and I made, with my black velvet body suit that i turned into shorts and pink accents. Anyway, I spent hours on makeupgeek.com to get some inspiration on how to do my make up and here's what I came up with.


The Ting Tings and Hot Tub concert


I thought I told you this lol but I guess I haven't. The first three pictures on top with the women are part of a band called Hot Tub who is touring with the Ting Tings as an openning act. They were totally perfect for a band to start off the concert. It's made of three girls. One of the girls style is so crazy I loved it she has long brownish hair and such a rebellious musician style. She came up to me while she was singing and played with my fohawk while she was telling me that I was beautiful and to meet her after the concert. lol She tried getting me on stage but I didn't want to lose my spot SINCE I was right on stage the Entire concert! No lie. Caiti, Jon, and two gay guys beside let me have the spot of stage. It was incredible!!! I was right by the drums and the Ting Tings and the Hot Tub people were right on in front of me for most of the time! One of the girls from Hot Tub danced right in front of me and the gay guys. It was crazy! Then the Ting Tings were indescrible!! Seriously. The guy has a cool style and hers is so funky. I loved his shoes and her hat especially. They both came and sang and played right against me for most of the time and possed for my picture. Best concert. Their music sounded really well, like their songs. I met one the guy that tunes all the instruments for them he was really nice and his British accent was neat. That's about it. lol
xox Dan

White Sheets, White Shorts

Hey Dani!!
It's been a while since I've posted! I've been really busy designing my major and the fashion club. When are the ting tings going to fsu? IM SOOO jealous. Vampire weekend's coming here and I'm going! it should be lots of fun. Any way that's ALL.
Have a fabulous day
(urban outfitter tights, Acme shorts, studded belt, Fluerish ruffled tank)