Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rocky Horror picture show

Caiti and I have been watching it so many times and had to do a posting on it. Today I found out they have showings here at the movie theatre and dress up totally doing that. I already have a group of friends that are dressng up and Caiti even said she would too, suprise. Cant wait. It was such a big movie when it first came out that every friday for like five years they used to play and people used to dress up and my mother said she did. Hopefully youll be here for when it goes on.

Tim Curry MAKES that movie. The things he does are outrageous. His legs are better than mine! And the designer in that movie kicks ass!! Majorly She was sooo ahead of her time. Tim Curry's is the best outfit besides a few others but theyre all made out great.
Alrighty girl Im taking a few pictures for Lookbook and the blog soon its been too long...

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