Saturday, September 12, 2009


Here's some of my fav pieces from Topshop..! Velvet jacket(sigh)!! These pieces range from $135 to 410

As for my obssession with jackets continues Topshop always delivers! This one is $135

Ahem hello!!! Topshop pont ankle boot by Boutique $270 ughhhhhh

Finally I'm seeing more thigh boots! Topshop has a number of knee highs and thigh highs but this one is my fav. $330 by Boutique

Peter Jensen ankle boot $270

I've seen alot of shoes coming out with the curve like this in the front and platform and Thankgod because it is so goodlooking. There's a red one I believe that Topshop also offers. If you want this it's $230 Paradox Sandal by Boutique

This reminds of Rachel Zoe. :D I know you dig this!!! I would wear it. Curly sheepskin gilet it's $310!!! my oh my

Who wouldn't wear this dress!!!??!! Really...Stripe mesh top jersey dress $80

Okay so I watched an 80s movie with Julia Roberts and Liam Neeson called Satisfaction about a group of girls in a band. The lead singer has the coolest style, Jeenie, this shirt reminds me of something she would wear besides that I totally love it too. I actually think I've seen a girl on Lookbook who has this shirt too!

I just really like this shade of pink and its crocheted! Crochet cotton dress $80

Researching for internships and doing billions of homework and apparel design work hasn't really given me the time to make a posting but I am finally caught up since I started a week late into my classes. I'm crossing my fingers for my overseas internship though. I sent it to Topshop in London. So we'll see........!!!!

Currently working on sketches for my two assignments for my portfolio class. One collectioin inspired by two eras, I did 80s and 1700s, the other collection is our first collection that we will have to choose a favorite design to put into our portfolio for jobs and such so my inspiration for that one is clowns. ;) I know it's silly but I thought it would be fun and diffferent.
Back to the posting now...So I hope you liked it these were just some of the pieces I am crazed for...

P.s miss you
To check out Topshop click here...Enjoy yourself loving everything they offer.. xoxo

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