Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Harajuku obession continues

The shirt on the left is somewhat gothic and emo but I like it and would totally wear it. The one on the right has a hole for your thumb which I thought was a cool minor detail besides the shoulder straps. They really aren't have to haves but I do like them alot. The skirt on the right is def a have to have its so cute. One of my favorites. I love the balck and grey mixture and the different fabric choices.

YEA forget my never ending search for funky boots. FOUND them. I LOVE LOVE the pink and black ones!!!!!! Majorly!!! In adoration lol. They are so cool! I'd probably never take them off! Unless I switched to the other pair. SOF!!!! lol

In the store collection the skirt above is my other favorite. Its just fully what Ive been talking about wanting! It has the tutu effect and is black with lace but the other skirt is just as much as cool.

This was my favorite dress of the bunch. The sleeves can come off. I did like this one the best there was another floral print one that was incredible but it was too costume like however it was Goregous.

Oddly enough the jacket caught my attention and I had to look at it and really look at the details and started really liking it. I love how the sleeves can come off and show off the gathered ruffles on the shoulder.

I couldn't get harajuku off of my mind and couldn't sleep last night so I was busy searching the internet and went onto ebay and found all of these items on this one website. Wishlist, heck yes. I am def getting some of these, especially those shoes and skirt. Heres the site if you want to check out more
The only recommendation about it is watch the sizes labeled.
<3 Dan

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